Online Dating Sites Innovators: Bob Murray

Ever dreamt of becoming a romcom star-like Meg Ryan, Kate Hudson, and Matthew McConaughey?

Bob Murray – a 34 year old commercial houses buyer from Milwaukee – failed to attempted to come to be a prominent guy about silver screen, but his find usually the one might create him a film celebrity anyway. After three lasting interactions that spanned 12 years, and per year of singlehood, Murray decided to begin an adventure he expectations will cause enduring really love and a film price. Last thirty days, he began a 17-day road trip that can just take him through 8 locations – St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas, Santa Fe, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and a TBD urban area in Oklahoma – during which he will go on prearranged times with females the guy met on-line, whilst documenting his every action with the help of limited movie staff.

And performed I point out he’s going to end up being touring by cab?

As well as a creation assistant, audio specialist, and camera operators, Murray are joined on his quest by Paula Heus, a cabdriver who can in addition hand out passionate information as an unofficial existence coach. “she is a genuine firecracker rather than afraid to state her view about situations,” Murray informed the Bellingham Herald. Whenever their search is finished, Murray expectations to visit the movie event circuit with a documentary about his unusual research really love.

Heus’ taxi features rarely left the garage, but already Murray’s task has actually struck some hurdles. A fully planned remain in Amarillo, TX must be left behind after Murray was struggling to get a response to their search for a romantic date for the urban area, and a rule that dates could just be arranged a couple of weeks ahead of time was created when arranged meetups with two women dropped through once they found boyfriends before Murray arrived in their cities.

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Murray was also able to raise below $5,000 for the $20,000 he hoped to earn to finance the excursion, so he had been obligated to foot much of the bi women near mell himself and exchange equity for the movie for further contributions from their biggest traders. In spite of these setbacks, but Murray is on his first time in Milwaukee, with an actress known as Cynthia Kmak, and it has strategies for escapades along the lines of climbing and skydiving various other cities.

You’ll be able to follow their advancement on Twitter, at, and Facebook, at

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